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spoopyswo asked:

You may want to back the fuck off of insulting service members cunt. Those are the ones fighting for you and representing the US in HADR (humanitarian aid) missions. Besides, being a fuckboy like you are, might just get your teeth kicked in. No, war isn't an ethical and easy thing, an no the US' hands are not clean. But we don't retaliate like other countries, and we act with a degree of restraint. I can't tell you the number of soldiers who came back hurt because they couldn't engage under ROE.




Which is why that service member gave other service members of another nation shit. Which is why he surrounds himself with other people who are anarchists that flat out hate the military. Which is why he gives other nations who are undergoing the same stuff shit too.

Yeah he served. Doesn’t mean he isn’t shit.

Like I said this is about mints at this point. I honestly don’t care about IDF or anyone else at this point.

Also internet threats, like I give a shit.

Alright, dude.  Seriously, if you have a problem with something I said, or something I did, or something I do, I’d rather you come and tell me directly, instead of being skeezy and talking shit everywhere else.

So please, let me know what the problem is, and stop being a dickhead for no reason whatsoever.

Fucking ROTC kids acting like they’re hardened veterans. Freedom of speech is one of the things that Mints and everyone else in the armed forces support and sacrifice for. You may not agree, but don’t tell someone who’s been DEPLOYED what to do. You look like you’re about 12 and have never even been shot at kid, so don’t act like you know better than him.

The whole thing that started this off was a post of me replying to you. 

Also you are right the first amendment does give him a right to say whatever he wants.

Like it gives me the right to ask if he has done any fucked, and how he is a piece of shit.

The same thing he does to other military powers too.

peashooter85 asked:

Seriously, I think you're being to judgmental of mints. I am an atheist but my best friend is a Baptist minister. Surely you can befriend someone who has other beliefs than yourself? Wouldn't that make me a hypocrite?

I  mean mints gave the troops of nation shit for warcrimes (which all of the anarchists around him supported). Pointing out the shit the military in has done, and how he was throwing shit while he was waste deep in it. 

That is what started this whole thing.

The fact that he is surrounded by anarchists who have given the military in the past shit for existing, and have posted pictures of themselves flipping off a memorial to the troops (satansadvocate if you are curious). But “he’s different”


Anonymous asked:

Why would you ever ask a veteran how many kids that they killed? What is wrong with you? Half of the people that get back are not fond of what they had to do, and you ask that question? Be a little more sensitive. Please.

Which is why mints said that a bunch of soldiers in IDF are a bunch of shits  and accused them of being something similar. The thing that started this whole shit fest.


Anonymous asked:

I almost agreed with you until you started making things up about mints. Fabricating your argument really takes all the power out of whatever truth was there. Do you hate him so much that you'd just make stuff up?

Look at this point its pretty much a “he said he said” thing. I have pointed out the shit. He denied it. Think whatever you want at this point, you will no matter what I say.


Anonymous asked:

Wow. You and mints sure are getting butthurt over each other. Except you're showing it a hell of a lot more than he is.

Resound to people = butthurt
Not responding = butthurt

At this point 

everything = butthurt

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